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Educational farm

We offer various "Educational Paths" immersed in nature: real laboratories, active all year round, where the (re)knowledge is mixed with the know-how.
A couple of hours to get out of the hectic pace of everyday life and listen to the silent language of plants, land, animals, while respecting biodiversity.

Each route can be tailored to all ages: families, couples, groups of friends or classes of schoolchildren (from kindergarten to high school, up to university). We will guide you through our world, introducing you to the territory in which we live and of which we are so proud. The seasons, with their characteristics and their peculiarities, will be the thematic background on which the educational paths will be placed

What does extra virgine mean in oil?

Who are the vegetables?

We get to know the people who live on the farm

Unknown natural sensations

Knowing the territory

Green weeks

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